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Logan Paul TROLLS South Park right back with RECREATION of spoof

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In a remarkable twist of events, Logan Paul, the United States Champion and WWE sensation, has recently taken the internet by storm by recreating a parody of himself featured in a “South Park” episode.

This move showcases Paul’s unique blend of athleticism and a sense of humour, further cementing his status as a multifaceted public figure.

From the Ring to the Screen: Logan Paul and his Diverse Talents

Logan Paul, known for his unexpected rise in WWE, has consistently demonstrated his ability to excel in various arenas. His recent endeavour into the world of parody is no exception.

Paul’s recreation of the “South Park” spoof is not just a testament to his sporting prowess but also highlights his ability to engage with popular culture in a self-aware and humorous manner.

The South Park Parody: A Humorous Take on Controversy

The “South Park” episode in question took a comedic jab at Logan and his PRIME energy drink, which he co-founded with KSI.

The episode featured a character promoting an energy drink named “CRED,” humorously paralleling the controversy surrounding PRIME and its suitability for children.

This parody, while poking fun at Paul, also brought to light the broader conversation about celebrity endorsements and their impact on younger audiences.

Logan Paul Response: Embracing the Parody

In an unexpected move, Logan Paul embraced the parody by recreating it scene for scene, sharing the video on Twitter. This act of self-parody not only displayed Paul’s sense of humour but also his ability to engage with criticism in a light-hearted manner.

Fans were delighted by this response, as it showed a different side of the athlete, one that can laugh at himself and the absurdities of fame.


  • What did Logan recreate?
    • Logan recreated a parody of himself that was featured in a “South Park” episode.
  • Why was Logan Paul parodied in “South Park”?
    • The parody focused on his PRIME energy drink and its controversy, particularly regarding its suitability for children.
  • How did fans react to Logan Paul’s recreation of the parody?
    • Fans reacted positively, enjoying his humorous and self-aware approach to the spoof.
  • What does this move signify for Logan Paul’s career?
    • This indicates Paul’s versatility and ability to engage with different forms of media and entertainment beyond his athletic career.
  • Is Logan Paul still active in WWE?
    • Yes, Logan Paul is actively defending his United States Championship in WWE.
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