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WWE creative reportedly DOESN’T KNOW what to do with RAW Superstar

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WWE has always been a platform where Superstars can achieve unparalleled success. However, the journey to the top isn’t always straightforward.

For every Superstar that shines, there are those who struggle to find their footing. Riddick Moss, once known as Madcap Moss, is a prime example of this.

After a promising heel turn alongside Emma, he vanished from the WWE limelight, only to reappear with his original name.

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The Challenge of Connecting with WWE Fans

One of the most crucial aspects of a WWE Superstar’s success is their ability to connect with the audience.

Riddick Moss, despite his undeniable talent and athleticism, has faced challenges in this area. A source from the creative team claimed to Ringside News that the company is at a crossroads regarding his direction, as he hasn’t resonated with the fans as they had hoped.

This lack of connection is a two-way street; not only does Moss find it challenging to engage with the audience, but the fans also seem to have difficulty relating to him.

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Overcoming Personal and Professional Hurdles

Riddick Moss’s journey in WWE hasn’t been without its share of obstacles. He has faced injuries, and during the pandemic, he took a hiatus from WWE television due to personal family reasons.

Moss was candid about his absence, attributing it to his commitment to his brother, who has cystic fibrosis. Such challenges can undoubtedly impact a Superstar’s momentum and trajectory in the company.

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The Current Status of Riddick Moss and Emma

Both Riddick Moss and Emma remain active members of the WWE roster. Moss’s last recorded match was against Tozawa on Main Event, held on July 17th.

Despite these appearances, his future in WWE remains uncertain. However, it’s worth noting that he is still listed as a RAW Superstar, indicating that all hope is not lost for his WWE career.

Emma, on the other hand, continues to maintain a strong presence on social media platforms. Moss, too, is in impeccable shape, recently showcasing his fitness in a video.

Both Superstars are undoubtedly staying prepared, hoping for another chance to prove themselves in the WWE arena.

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Looking Forward: What’s Next for Riddick Moss in WWE?

The wrestling world is ever-evolving, and fortunes can change overnight. While the current scenario might seem challenging for Riddick Moss, it’s essential to remember that wrestling is as much about reinvention as it is about performance.

Moss has the talent, the drive, and the potential to turn things around. All he needs is the right storyline, the right moment, and the unwavering support of the WWE universe.

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