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WWE Superstar shows off INCREDIBLE workout amid TV hiatus

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WWE Superstars are no strangers to the limelight, but sometimes they fade from our screens for various reasons.

Whether it’s due to character development, injuries, or other factors, their absence is always felt by the fans. One such superstar, Madcap Moss, has been noticeably absent from WWE television, but recent updates show he’s far from inactive.

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Madcap Moss: From WWE Spotlight to Silence

Madcap Moss, previously known as Riddick Moss, has had a roller-coaster journey in WWE. He made a splash with his RAW debut alongside Mojo Rawley in 2020.

However, a torn ACL soon sidelined him. But Moss is not one to be kept down. He made a triumphant return, adopting the ‘Madcap Moss’ persona and aligning with Baron Corbin. This phase saw him clinch victory at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in 2022.

However, post his association with Corbin, Moss found it challenging to cement his position as a babyface on SmackDown.

There were hints of a heel turn with his real-life partner, Emma, but despite these developments, Moss vanished from WWE TV after his draft to RAW.

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Gearing Up for a Comeback?

While fans have been speculating about his absence, Moss took to Instagram to quell some of the curiosity. He shared a captivating training video, showcasing his dedication and hinting at his readiness for a return.

The video not only displayed his physical prowess but also reignited hopes of seeing him back in the WWE ring soon.

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Workout Regime Revealed

For those intrigued by his fitness routine, Moss shared a snippet of his workout. He recommends a combination of ‘Feet Up Pull Ups’ for some abdominal work and ‘Snatch (wide) Grip Shrugs’.

The rep range he suggests is flexible, anywhere between 6-30, for 3-5 rounds. Moss humorously added that following this routine might just help you grow a “turtle shell”.

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