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Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke TEASE joint collab with photo drop

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to surprises, and the latest buzz comes from two former WWE stars, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose.

The duo has recently hinted at a joint collaboration, and fans are eagerly awaiting more details.

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Dana Brooke: Post-WWE Journey

Dana Brooke, known for her exceptional athleticism and a loyal fan following, parted ways with WWE just a month ago.

However, this departure hasn’t slowed her down. On the contrary, she’s been thriving with her Premium Content Service, which has turned out to be a lucrative venture for her.

Brooke’s determination remains unshaken, and she’s keen on proving her critics wrong.

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Teasing the Collaboration

A recent interaction on Instagram piqued the interest of many. When asked about a potential collaboration with either Mandy Rose or Macey, Dana Brooke didn’t hold back.

She shared photos of herself and Mandy Rose and responded with a cheeky, “Isn’t that a silly question!? Duhhhh! Stay tuned!” This tease has left fans in anticipation, wondering what the duo has in store.

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Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke: The Rising Brand Value

It’s undeniable that both Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose have seen their brand value skyrocket after their WWE stints.

Their hinted collaboration is expected to make waves, possibly even “break the internet”, as some fans speculate. The exact nature of this collaboration remains a mystery, but given the duo’s popularity and the buzz they’ve generated, it’s bound to be something big.

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Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke: Awaiting the Big Reveal

While the details are scant, the excitement is palpable. Fans of both stars are eagerly awaiting more information on this collaboration.

Will it be a new business venture, a fashion line, or something entirely different? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure; the collaboration between Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose is one of the most anticipated events in the wrestling community right now.


  • Who are Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose?
    • Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are former WWE stars known for their remarkable athleticism and significant fan base.
  • What have they teased recently?
    • The duo has hinted at a joint collaboration, which has been teased through photos shared on Instagram.
  • How did Dana Brooke fare after leaving WWE?
    • Dana Brooke has been doing well with her Premium Content Service, which has proven to be a profitable venture for her.
  • When can we expect more details about their collaboration?
    • The exact details and timeline remain undisclosed, but fans are advised to “stay tuned” for more information.
  • Has their brand value increased post-WWE?
    • Yes, both Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose have seen a significant rise in their brand value after their departure from WWE.
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