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Mandy Rose Grieves the Loss of a Close Family Member on Social Media

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Mandy Rose, once a shining star of WWE, recently took to social media to share a heart-wrenching update with her followers.

The news revolved around the passing of her cherished grandmother, a figure who played a significant role in her life.

Mandy’s life has been marked by a series of personal losses. Just last year, she faced the devastating loss of her older brother, Richard, who tragically passed away at the tender age of 40.

The impact of this tragedy was profound, leading her to take a brief hiatus from her professional commitments. She later commemorated her brother with a touching tribute during the NXT Halloween Havoc event.

Mandy Rose: Remembering a Beloved Grandmother

Yet, life had another blow in store for Mandy. She recently shared the news of her grandmother’s passing on her Instagram story. Her grandmother, having lived a rich life, reached the age of 94.

Mandy’s post was a testament to the deep bond they shared. She fondly remembered the delightful memories and mischievous escapades they embarked on together. From being allowed to drive a car at the age of 12 to playing pranks, their relationship was filled with joy and laughter.

In her tribute, Mandy wrote on her Instagram Story: “Love you nanny so much! RIP you were the best nanny anyone could ask for, we all got our silliness from you, you always had the most positive energy… So many amazing memories and I’m so grateful for your love and guidance. Rest peacefully Nanny. 94 years old GOD BLESS. Please give my brother a hug.”


  • Who is Mandy Rose?
    • Mandy Rose is a former WWE Superstar who has made a significant mark in the world of premium content.
  • What recent tragedy did Mandy Rose share on social media?
    • Mandy Rose announced the passing of her beloved grandmother on her Instagram story.
  • How old was Mandy’s grandmother when she passed away?
    • Mandy’s grandmother lived to the age of 94.
  • Did Mandy Rose face any other personal losses recently?
    • Yes, Mandy lost her older brother, Richard, last year at the age of 40.
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