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Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans team up for exclusive photoshoot drop

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In a stunning display of collaboration and charisma, former WWE stars Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans have recently taken to Instagram to showcase their latest venture together.

The duo, despite never having teamed up in the WWE ring, have embarked on an exclusive photoshoot that has fans and followers buzzing with excitement.

Set against the luxurious backdrop of a private yacht, Rose and Evans flaunted their fitness and fashion sense in an array of swimwear that highlighted their athletic prowess.

WWE News: A Fresh Venture Beyond the Ring

Mandy Rose, known for her remarkable resurgence in WWE NXT in 2021 and her record-setting reign as the WWE NXT Women’s Champion, found herself released from WWE in December 2022.

Her departure, spurred by the release of explicit content on her subscription platform, has not dimmed her star. In fact, Rose has since found greater success and financial independence, leveraging her fame and entrepreneurial spirit in ventures such as this photoshoot.

Lacey Evans, on the other hand, made a splash on the main roster in 2019, debuting against Becky Lynch. Despite her promising start, Evans’ trajectory in WWE did not go as planned, leading to her release in 2023.

However, like Rose, Evans has not allowed this setback to slow her down. Instead, she has continued to explore new opportunities, showcasing her versatility and resilience.

WWE News: The Collaboration That’s Capturing Attention

The photoshoot underscores the duo’s ability to captivate audiences outside the wrestling ring. Their choice of a private yacht as the setting adds an element of luxury and exclusivity to the collaboration, appealing to fans who have followed their careers from the squared circle to social media stardom.

This venture is more than just a display of physical beauty; it’s a testament to the strength, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit of two women who have navigated the challenges of a highly competitive industry.

By joining forces, Rose and Evans have not only created a buzz-worthy moment on social media but have also set an example for how athletes can diversify their careers and personal brands.


  • Who are Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans?
    • Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans are former WWE stars known for their athleticism and charisma both in and out of the ring.
  • Why did Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans leave WWE?
    • Mandy Rose was released in December 2022 for posting explicit content on her Only Fans platform, while Lacey Evans was let go in 2023 after a promising start that didn’t fully materialize.
  • What was the theme of their photoshoot?
    • The theme of the photoshoot was a luxury yacht setting where both stars showcased their fitness and fashion sense in swimwear.
  • Have Mandy Rose and Lacey Evans collaborated before?
    • Despite their individual successes in WWE, this photoshoot marks one of their first major collaborations outside the wrestling world.
  • What does this collaboration signify for both athletes?
    • This collaboration highlights their ability to reinvent themselves and succeed beyond their wrestling careers, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and appeal as influencers and models.
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