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Mandy Rose makes SENSATIONAL claim about her time on WWE Total Divas

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Former WWE talent Mandy Rose, also known as Mandy Saccomanno, has recently opened up about her experiences on the reality TV show “Total Divas”, shedding light on the challenges and pressures she faced during her time on the program.

Rose’s journey from “Tough Enough” to “Total Divas” was marked by significant personal growth and professional development, but not without its share of difficulties.

Mandy Rose: The Reality of Reality TV

Rose’s entry into the world of reality TV began with “Tough Enough”, where she quickly learned the importance of standing out.

She recalls being advised to amp up the drama to make a mark, a lesson she carried into “Total Divas” during the latest episode of her Power Alphas podcast.

However, Rose found herself isolated in the new environment, lacking the kind of ally she had in Daria from “Tough Enough”. This sense of isolation was particularly pronounced during a trip to Paris, which Rose describes as a turning point in her perception of the show.

Struggles and Isolation in “Total Divas”

In Paris, Rose felt the full weight of her isolation, leading to a moment of vulnerability where she questioned her place in the show:

“Paris was really, really interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about this either, maybe little bits of it, but like, whatever. Paris was the time where I was like, ‘Okay this isn’t for me.’ I called my ex and I literally said to him, I cried, I was crying one night, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not made for this. I don’t like it. These girls are mean. I don’t even feel like it’s for television. I feel like it’s for real life. I’m being left out. Like, people don’t want to hang out with me. I’m just, I hate this, I hate it.’

“I was crying. It was like, really upsetting. Like, I just, I don’t know, it was just such a weird time for me, too, like, so much was happening and I had so much pressure of like, you know, Mandy Rose is the next big thing. Everything I did was just like, watched and I was just so like, oh my God.”

Mandy Rose: Navigating the Dynamics of the Show

Rose’s time on “Total Divas” was a balancing act of trying to fit in while staying true to herself. She felt a need to please the more established stars like the Bellas, but this often left her feeling small and unsupported.

The producers and other behind-the-scenes figures seemed to prioritize other cast members, adding to her sense of alienation.


  • What show did Mandy Rose start her reality TV career?
    • Mandy Rose began her reality TV career with “Tough Enough”.
  • What was a significant turning point for Mandy Rose in “Total Divas”?
    • A trip to Paris was a significant turning point, where she felt particularly isolated and questioned her involvement in the show.
  • How did Mandy Rose feel about the Bella Twins during “Total Divas”?
    • Initially, Rose felt the Bella Twins did not like her much, though she now has a good relationship with them.
  • What has Mandy Rose been doing since leaving WWE?
    • Since leaving WWE, Mandy Rose has been involved in creating NSFW content and exploring other personal projects.
  • Is Mandy Rose considering a return to wrestling?
    • While her return to wrestling is uncertain, there is speculation about potential opportunities in other wrestling organizations like AEW.
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