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WWE accused of being UNGRATEFUL after firing MAJOR Superstar

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to controversies, and the latest one to hit the headlines involves WWE and former superstar Mandy Rose.

The company’s decision to release Rose has sparked a significant backlash, with many accusing WWE of ingratitude, especially considering her recent contributions and personal challenges.

Mandy Rose’s exit from WWE came as a shock to many, especially given the circumstances surrounding her departure. Last year, she faced criticism for posting NSFW content behind her premium content paywall.

However, instead of letting this setback define her, Rose took the opportunity to enhance her brand’s value in numerous ways.

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Mandy Rose WWE: A Personal Tragedy Amidst Professional Commitments

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Mandy Rose’s older brother, Richard, tragically passed away at the age of 40 back in 2022.

Despite grappling with this immense personal loss, Rose showcased her professionalism by not only returning to the ring but also delivering a standout performance back at NXT Halloween Havoc 2022.

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Accusations of Ingratitude by WWE

The controversy took a new turn when Mandy Rose and her fiancé, Tino Sabbatelli, discussed her WWE exit on their podcast, Power Alphas.

Sabbatelli didn’t mince words, accusing WWE of being ungrateful. He highlighted how, just six weeks after her brother’s passing, Rose stepped up to perform in the main event of a major pay-per-view, effectively ‘saving’ the show.

Yet, a mere six weeks later, WWE chose to release her for reasons Sabbatelli believes were unjust.

Furthermore, there were claims that WWE pressured Rose to wrestle shortly after her brother’s untimely demise. This move, if true, further fuels the narrative of the company’s alleged insensitivity.

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Mandy Rose’s Future in Wrestling

Despite the tumultuous events, Mandy Rose has made it clear that she doesn’t see herself returning to the wrestling arena anytime soon.

While her next steps remain uncertain, the wrestling community and fans will undoubtedly be keen to see where her journey takes her next.

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  • Why was Mandy Rose released from WWE?
    • Mandy Rose was let go from WWE after she posted NSFW content behind her premium content paywall.
  • Did Mandy Rose perform after her brother’s passing?
    • Yes, despite her brother’s tragic death, Mandy Rose competed at NXT Halloween Havoc and delivered a commendable performance.
  • What did Tino Sabbatelli say about WWE’s decision?
    • On their podcast, Power Alphas, Tino Sabbatelli accused WWE of being ungrateful for releasing Mandy Rose, especially considering her significant contributions shortly after her personal tragedy.
  • Will Mandy Rose return to professional wrestling?
    • As of now, Mandy Rose has indicated that she doesn’t plan on returning to professional wrestling in the near future.
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