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Mandy Rose WWE Return: The latest on potential reunion

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Mandy Rose was released from WWE just over a year ago, and we’ve recently been able to establish the potential of her returning to the company.

One of our sources was able to establish that there is currently no movement regarding the former NXT Women’s Champion coming back to the company.

“As of today, no movement between WWE and Mandy Rose on a potential return” is what was directly relayed to us this week.

“However I’m told it’s something WWE would certainly come to the table to talk about. They are not against it if it suits both parties” was also confirmed, which paints a very different picture to what was believed last year when the company seemingly released her for the exclusive content and material she was offering on Fantime.

Mandy Rose WWE Return Potential

It was also relayed to us that both Triple H and Shawn Michaels “still think very highly of her,” so there is nothing on a personal level from the company’s side stopping a return.

Mandy has recently said herself that she has no urge to get back in the ring anytime soon, with her exclusive content sites doing extremely well for her.

For Mandy to actually return to WWE, she would likely have to close the sites and accounts that she currently runs, which are extremely lucrative.

The question for her is whether or not continuing to work for herself whilst not taking bumps or having to travel is worth it, or whether she wants to return to the spotlight of WWE.

Personally (and I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to make this choice myself), I say stay as far away as possible until they make you a sensational offer. That offer might never come, but if you can make bank not having to break your body? Do it.

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