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Former WWE Superstar reveals MAJOR HEAT they had in the locker room

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WWE has always been a platform where not only the in-ring action but also the behind-the-scenes stories captivate the audience. One such intriguing tale has recently come to light, involving former WWE superstar Mansoor.

Mansoor, who recently parted ways with WWE, shed light on the tension he faced in the locker room early in his career.

The Saudi Arabian talent made a significant impact when he clinched victory in a 51-man battle royal during his main roster debut at Super ShowDown 2019 in Saudi Arabia. However, this win didn’t earn him many allies backstage.

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The WWE Locker Room’s Reaction

During a recent Twitch stream with fellow ex-WWE talent, Mace, Mansoor delved into the moments leading up to his unexpected win.

As the match’s details were being discussed, a curious Heath Slater persistently inquired about the victor. When Jamie Noble, who was overseeing the match, finally revealed that the “NXT kid” (referring to Mansoor) was set to win, all eyes turned to the young superstar.

Feeling the weight of the stares, Mansoor sought refuge in a storage closet he had previously visited during his tryout. It was there that Mustafa Ali approached him, highlighting that he had unintentionally ignited “heat” with the locker room.

Ali pointed out that Mansoor had failed to greet or introduce himself to the other wrestlers, a customary practice in the wrestling world.

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Mansoor’s Realisation

Mansoor admitted that he believed he had even upset Kofi Kingston, which deeply saddened him. He had mistakenly thought that introductions weren’t a norm in WWE.

To his dismay, he also learned that Cesaro, whom he greatly admired, was displeased with him. Determined to set things right, Mansoor made it a point to shake hands and introduce himself to everyone after the Battle Royal.

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  • Q: Who is Mansoor? A: Mansoor is a professional wrestler from Saudi Arabia who had a stint with WWE. He is notably remembered for his victory in the 51-man battle royal at Super ShowDown 2019.
  • Q: Why did Mansoor face heat in the WWE locker room? A: Mansoor faced tension in the locker room primarily because he failed to introduce himself and greet other wrestlers, which is a customary practice in the wrestling industry.
  • Q: How did Mansoor realise he had upset fellow wrestlers? A: Mustafa Ali informed Mansoor about the inadvertent “heat” he had caused by not introducing himself to the locker room.
  • Q: What was Mansoor’s reaction after learning about the locker room’s displeasure? A: Mansoor took immediate steps to rectify the situation by shaking hands and introducing himself to everyone after the Battle Royal.
  • Q: Are Mansoor and Mace still associated with WWE? A: No, both Mansoor and Mace have been released from WWE and are currently sharing their experiences on Twitch.

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