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Former WWE Superstar DELETES Twitter/X account following controversy

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In a recent turn of events, former WWE superstar Maria Kanellis has deleted her Twitter/X account following a controversy that stemmed from her comments on the ‘WWE on FOX’ social media account.

This decision marks a significant moment in the wrestling community, reflecting the intense scrutiny and backlash public figures often face on social media platforms.

Maria Kanellis: The Controversy Unfolds for the former WWE Star

Maria Kanellis, along with her husband Mike Bennett, had been released from WWE a few years ago due to budget cuts. They subsequently worked in AEW and ROH.

The controversy began when AEW star Mark Briscoe publicly called out the ‘WWE on FOX‘ account for using the term “DEM BOYZ,” famously associated with The Briscoes, to describe Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits.

Briscoe’s objection was notable, especially as it coincided with the first anniversary of his brother Jay Briscoe’s last match.

Kanellis’s Involvement and Backlash

Kanellis decided to voice her opinion on the matter, highlighting the significance of “DEM BOYZ” to Mark Briscoe. Her comments, however, were met with severe backlash, including threats and various forms of online abuse.

This reaction was unexpected for Kanellis, leading her to announce her departure from Twitter and subsequently delete her account.

In her statement, she expressed her discomfort with the platform, citing the extreme negativity and various forms of prejudice she faced.

The Impact on Mental Health for the former WWE Star

This incident underscores the impact social media can have on individuals’ mental health, particularly public figures.

Kanellis felt that her mental well-being was best served by stepping away from the platform, a decision that has garnered respect from many fans.

It also highlights the often toxic environment on social media, where disagreements can escalate into personal attacks.


  • Who is Maria Kanellis? Maria Kanellis is a former WWE superstar and a professional wrestler who has also worked in AEW and ROH.
  • What was the controversy about? The controversy involved Kanellis’s comments on the ‘WWE on FOX’ account’s use of the term “DEM BOYZ,” which led to severe online backlash.
  • Why did Maria Kanellis delete her Twitter account? She deleted her account due to the negative backlash and personal attacks she received following her comments on the controversy.
  • What does this incident reflect about social media? It highlights the potential for intense scrutiny and toxic behavior on social media platforms, especially towards public figures.
  • Has Maria Kanellis commented on the incident? Yes, she expressed her discomfort with the negativity and various forms of prejudice she faced on Twitter, leading to her decision to leave the platform.
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