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Maria Kanellis DEBUNKS rumours and FALSE CLAIMS about her WWE tenure

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In a recent turn of events, Maria Kanellis has taken to social media to address and correct the misconceptions and rumours surrounding her professional wrestling career, particularly her time with WWE.

Known for her outspoken nature, Kanellis provided clarity on several points that have been misrepresented over the years.

WWE News: The Truth Behind the Departure

Kanellis’s journey with WWE is notable for her evolution from a backstage correspondent to an in-ring competitor.

She highlighted that her initial departure from WWE in 2010 was a decision rooted in a disparity in pay. Kanellis revealed she was offered only a third of what her male counterparts were earning, leading to her refusal to re-sign with the company.

WWE News: A Second WWE Stint Filled with Promises

Upon her return to WWE, alongside her real-life husband, Mike Bennett, Kanellis was under the impression that the organisation had undergone significant changes.

The couple was led to believe in a new direction for WWE, one that would respect their contributions and provide a creative path aligning with their aspirations.

However, the reality was far from what was promised. Kanellis pointed out that they were misled about their creative direction and were not provided with the support typically extended to performers, such as rehabilitation services.

Their contracts, contrary to expectations, were average and only lasted six months.

WWE News: Setting the Record Straight

Kanellis’s statement aimed to dispel the myths circulating about her financial and professional status during and after her WWE tenure.

She firmly stated that neither she nor her husband became millionaires from their wrestling careers, nor do they live in a lavish mansion.

This candid disclosure serves to correct the narrative and provide fans with a realistic insight into the challenges they faced.

Post-WWE Career and Legacy

After leaving WWE in 2020, both Kanellis and Bennett have continued their wrestling careers, now being part of the AEW roster. Their journey in the wrestling world remains a testament to their resilience and dedication to the sport.


  • What led to Maria Kanellis’s initial departure from WWE?
    • Maria left WWE in 2010 due to being offered a salary significantly lower than her male colleagues.
  • Did Maria and Mike Bennett receive special treatment upon their return to WWE?
    • No, despite promises of a changed environment, they were misled about creative directions and did not receive special treatment.
  • Are Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett millionaires from their wrestling careers?
    • No, Maria clarified that they did not earn millions from WWE and do not live in a mansion.
  • What is Maria Kanellis doing now?
    • Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett are currently part of the AEW roster, continuing their careers in professional wrestling.
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