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EXCITING FREE AGENT poised to sign with WWE or AEW?

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation and anticipation. At the heart of the conversation is Mariah May, the former Goddess of Stardom Champion. Having recently concluded her tenure with STARDOM and departed Japan, the question on everyone’s lips is: where will she land next, and will it be AEW or WWE?

Mariah May’s journey in the wrestling world has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only has she held the prestigious title of Goddess of Stardom Champion, but she also has a background that sets her apart.

Before stepping into the ring, May was a model for WWF merchandise. Her transition from modelling to wrestling showcases her versatility and passion for the sport. Her dream? To be a part of WWE.

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WWE or AEW: The Big Decision

Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, has shed some light on the situation. While he confirms that May has indeed finished with STARDOM and returned to her home in England, her next move remains shrouded in mystery.

There’s been chatter about AEW showing interest in her, but no official confirmation has surfaced. Meltzer believes that May possesses the potential to rise as a significant star in the wrestling arena.

He stated that STARDOM was always aware that a talent like May would not be with them indefinitely, marking her recent show as her last with the promotion.

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Other Transitions from STARDOM

If Mariah May does decide to join WWE, she won’t be the first to make such a transition.

Kairi Sane, also known as KAIRI, is another notable name expected to return to WWE soon after her stint with STARDOM.

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Q: Who is Mariah May? A: Mariah May is a former Goddess of Stardom Champion who has recently finished her time with STARDOM and left Japan.

Q: Is Mariah May joining WWE or AEW? A: There’s speculation about her next move, with both WWE and AEW being potential destinations. However, no official confirmation has been provided yet.

Q: What was Mariah May’s profession before wrestling? A: Before embarking on her wrestling journey, Mariah May was a model for WWF merchandise.

Q: Are there other wrestlers who transitioned from STARDOM to WWE? A: Yes, Kairi Sane, also known as KAIRI, is expected to make a return to WWE after her time with STARDOM.

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