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Former WWE star reacts after SHOCKING documentary released

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Marty Jannetty is a name that resonates with many wrestling enthusiasts, especially those who followed the sport and WWE during the 1980s and 90s.

As one-half of the iconic tag team, the Rockers, alongside Shawn Michaels, Jannetty was instrumental in drawing massive crowds.

Their dynamic performances in both the AWA and WWE made them one of the most sought-after tag teams of their era.

However, while his in-ring prowess was undeniable, Jannetty’s off-ring antics have often overshadowed his wrestling achievements.

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The Controversial Episode of ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’

Recently, VICE aired an episode of their renowned series ‘Dark Side Of The Ring’, which delved deep into the life of Marty Jannetty.

This episode shed light on various aspects of his life, both inside the wrestling ring and outside of it.

The revelations made in the episode were so startling that they quickly became a sensation on social media, with many discussing the intricate details of his troubled life.

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Jannetty’s Response to the Documentary about his time in WWE

After the episode’s release, fans and critics alike were eager to hear Jannetty’s response.

Breaking his silence, Jannetty took to his official Facebook page to address the episode. He humorously questioned if one could ever be embarrassed about being embarrassed, hinting at the episode’s content, writing “ever been embarrassed about being embarrassed? lol.”

Furthermore, he denied certain accusations made in the documentary, showcasing his side of the story.

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Public Reaction and Speculation

The episode has undoubtedly stirred a lot of conversations among the wrestling community. While some sympathise with Jannetty, understanding the pressures and challenges faced by wrestlers, others are critical of his actions and choices.

The episode has also reignited discussions about the authenticity of such documentaries and the responsibility of filmmakers to portray subjects in an unbiased manner.

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