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Former WWE Superstar BLAMES HIMSELF for BIZARRE lack of push

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For former WWE superstar Matt Cardona, his journey in the company was marked by highs, lows, and a candid reflection on his career trajectory.

Cardona, known for his charisma and in-ring prowess, recently opened up about his time in the company, attributing the underwhelming aspects of his career to his own actions, or rather, the lack thereof.

The Rise of Matt Cardona in WWE

Matt Cardona’s entry into professional wrestling in 2004 marked the beginning of a promising career. Teaming up with Curt Hawkins on the independent circuit, Cardona quickly caught the attention of WWE, leading to a signing the following year.

His years in WWE saw him achieving notable success, including a stint as the United States Champion. However, despite these achievements, Cardona’s career didn’t soar as many had anticipated.

Self-Reflection and Accountability

In a revealing discussion on the Swerve City podcast, Cardona delved into the reasons behind his less-than-stellar push in WWE.

He expressed a rare form of self-accountability, a trait not often seen in the industry. “All the blame for that situation is on myself,” Cardona stated. He acknowledged that he could have been more proactive in his career, particularly in communicating with WWE’s top brass about his position and potential in the company.

Cardona reflected on missed opportunities to approach Vince McMahon directly, despite being one of the top merchandise sellers and enjoying considerable popularity among fans.

“I never wanted to be that guy,” he said, referring to those who blame the company for their lack of success. This introspection highlights a critical aspect of professional wrestling – the importance of self-advocacy and seizing opportunities.

The Aftermath of WWE

Since his release from the company in 2020, Cardona has reinvented himself in the wrestling world. Shifting to a new persona, he has found success in various promotions, capturing championships and showcasing his versatility as a performer.


  • Who is Matt Cardona?
    • Matt Cardona is a professional wrestler who debuted in 2004 and signed with WWE in 2005. He is known for his time in WWE and his success in various other wrestling promotions.
  • What did Matt Cardona say about his WWE career?
    • Cardona stated that he blames himself for the underwhelming aspects of his WWE career, citing a lack of proactive communication with WWE management as a key factor.
  • How has Cardona’s career changed since leaving the company?
    • Since leaving WWE in 2020, Cardona has reinvented himself, adopting a heel persona and winning championships in various wrestling promotions.
  • What can aspiring wrestlers learn from Cardona’s experience?
    • Aspiring wrestlers can learn the importance of self-advocacy, seizing opportunities, and the ability to adapt and reinvent oneself in the professional wrestling industry.
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