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Former WWE Superstar claims that his old tag team SUCKED

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In a candid revelation, former WWE Superstar Matt Cardona, once known as Zack Ryder, expressed his dissatisfaction with his past tag team, the Hype Bros.

Despite their best efforts, Cardona firmly believes that the team he formed with Mojo Rawley simply didn’t meet the mark.

The Hype Bros was a tag team that saw its inception in 2015. Cardona, who was known as Zack Ryder back then, was assigned to NXT. It was during this period that he teamed up with Mojo Rawley.

Their partnership seemed promising, and the duo was subsequently introduced to SmackDown during the brand extension in 2016.

Cardona’s Candid Confession about WWE Tag Team

While speaking on the Off Her Chops podcast, Cardona didn’t hold back his feelings about the tag team. He reminisced about the initial days, stating that he viewed it as an opportunity.

Both he and Mojo gave it their all. However, his sentiment was clear:

“It sucked.” Cardona emphasised that his feelings weren’t a reflection on Mojo Rawley, but rather on the team dynamics. In his words, he “just f***ing hated it.”

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The End of the Hype Bros

The partnership between Cardona and Rawley came to a dramatic end in November 2017.

After a match where they faced a defeat at the hands of the Bludgeon Brothers on SmackDown, Rawley turned on Ryder/Cardona, marking the end of the Hype Bros.


  • Who were the members of the Hype Bros?
    • The Hype Bros consisted of Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder) and Mojo Rawley.
  • When did the Hype Bros form?
    • The Hype Bros came together in 2015.
  • Why did the Hype Bros split?
    • The team disbanded in November 2017 after Mojo Rawley attacked Zack Ryder/Cardona post a match on SmackDown.
  • What did Matt Cardona say about the Hype Bros?
    • Matt Cardona expressed his dissatisfaction with the tag team, stating that despite their efforts, the team “sucked.”
  • Where did Matt Cardona share his views on the Hype Bros?
    • Cardona spoke about the Hype Bros on the “Off Her Chops” podcast.
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