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Matt Riddle reveals why he was UPSET by CM Punk’s WWE Return

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In a recent virtual signing event for “Signed by Superstars,” Matt Riddle, the former WWE superstar and mixed martial artist, opened up about his feelings regarding CM Punk’s return to WWE.

Riddle, who has been a free agent since his release from WWE in September, shared his thoughts on various topics, including his potential return to MMA and his experience teaming up with Randy Orton in WWE.

The Clash of Returns: Matt Riddle and Orton’s Moment Overshadowed

Riddle expressed his disappointment that CM Punk’s return to WWE coincided with Randy Orton’s comeback. He stated, “I love Randy, he looks incredible, he’s killing it. The only thing I was upset about on the day of his return was that somebody else made a really big return.”

This statement highlights Riddle’s sentiment that Orton’s return, which was significant to him, was overshadowed by the fanfare surrounding CM Punk’s comeback.

Matt Riddle: His Admiration for Randy Orton

Despite the overshadowed return, Riddle spoke highly of his time teaming with Orton. He remarked, “At the end of the day, Randy’s awesome, he’s put [in] his time and he’s been on more Raw’s and more pay-per-views than anybody and honestly, he was the greatest tag partner I ever had. He was amazing.”

Riddle’s admiration for Orton is evident, as he praised Orton’s commitment and performance in WWE.

Riddle’s Future: Wrestling or MMA?

Discussing his future, Riddle mentioned his ongoing interest in returning to MMA. He said, “I’ve been in touch with the Bare Knuckle guys and other MMA organisations, not the UFC, of course, not yet at least. Things are looking good, but right now, I’m just focusing on wrestling.”

Riddle also highlighted the financial risks involved in MMA, especially with a family to support, indicating a more cautious approach to his career choices.


  • Why was Matt Riddle upset about CM Punk’s WWE return?
    • Riddle was upset because CM Punk’s return overshadowed Randy Orton’s comeback, which was significant to him.
  • What did Riddle say about teaming with Randy Orton?
    • Riddle praised Randy Orton as an incredible partner and admired his dedication and achievements in WWE.
  • Is Matt Riddle considering a return to MMA?
    • Yes, Riddle is considering a return to MMA and has been in touch with various organizations, but he is currently focusing more on wrestling.
  • What are Riddle’s concerns about returning to MMA?
    • Riddle is concerned about the financial risks involved in MMA, especially with the responsibility of supporting his family.
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