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Matt Riddle makes CRYPTIC announcement following WWE release

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In a surprising turn of events, Matt Riddle, the recently released WWE star, has left fans and followers buzzing with anticipation.

Riddle took to his Twitter account to hint at an upcoming project, sharing what seemed to be a new logo accompanied by the words, “Coming soon 🤙”.

The ambiguity of the post has led to a flurry of speculation and guesses in the wrestling community.

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Matt Riddle Next Move: The Speculation Begins

The nature of Riddle’s tweet has left many wondering about his next move.

The wrestling world is no stranger to cryptic messages, and fans are eagerly trying to decipher the meaning behind Riddle’s post.

While the exact details of the project remain under wraps, the wrestling community is rife with theories.

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WWE’s Non-compete Clauses

It’s worth noting that WWE typically imposes non-compete clauses on its talents. Main roster talents usually have a 90-day non-compete clause, whereas those from NXT have a 30-day clause.

However, there are always exceptions based on individual circumstances, reasons for release, or specific contract terms.

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Riddle’s WWE Journey

Matt Riddle’s journey with WWE came to an end on September 22nd, a day after a separate group of talent releases.

Reports suggest that a WWE executive mentioned Riddle had “burned through too many chances” during his tenure with the company.

This statement has added another layer of intrigue to his departure and subsequent cryptic announcement.

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  • Q: When was Matt Riddle released from WWE? A: Matt Riddle was released from WWE on Friday, September 22.
  • Q: What did Matt Riddle post on Twitter after his release? A: Matt Riddle posted a seemingly new logo with the caption “Coming soon 🤙”, hinting at a new project.
  • Q: Are there non-compete clauses for WWE talents? A: Yes, main roster talents typically have a 90-day non-compete clause, while NXT talents have a 30-day clause. However, exceptions can be made based on individual circumstances.
  • Q: Why was Matt Riddle released from WWE? A: The exact reasons are not clear, but a WWE executive reportedly stated that Riddle had used up too many chances during his time with the company.
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