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Matt Riddle: MAJOR new reason for BACKSTAGE HEAT in WWE revealed

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The wrestling world has been abuzz with speculation and rumours surrounding Matt Riddle and his sudden departure from WWE. Recent revelations have shed light on the backstage heat that Riddle faced, which may have contributed to his exit from the company.

Matt Riddle’s relationship with WWE management had been strained for some time. The latest incident that added fuel to the fire was a WWE TV interview where Riddle deviated from the script. Instead of sticking to the planned narrative, Riddle chose to speak candidly about fellow wrestler Randy Orton.

This unscripted moment saw Riddle praising Orton, discussing the pain Orton was enduring during the latter stages of their partnership and before a significant injury storyline was introduced.

While many lauded Riddle for his authenticity and the genuine nature of his promo, it wasn’t what WWE had scripted for him. This deviation did not sit well with the higher-ups, according to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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Matt Riddle: Previous Incidents

This wasn’t the first time Riddle found himself in hot water with WWE management. Reports suggest that a senior WWE official commented on Riddle having “burned through too many chances” during his tenure with the company.

Such sentiments indicate a history of disagreements and potential disciplinary issues.

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Randy Orton’s Status

Randy Orton, the subject of Riddle’s unscripted praise, has been absent from WWE television since May 2022. After losing the Raw Tag Team Championship to The Usos, Orton has been nursing a severe back injury.

However, recent sightings and speculations hint at Orton’s imminent return to WWE. The seasoned wrestler was seen at the Performance Center, sparking rumours of his comeback.

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The Bigger Picture

Riddle’s departure and the reasons behind it highlight the challenges wrestlers face in balancing their authentic selves with the demands of a scripted entertainment industry.

While fans appreciate genuine moments, the business side of wrestling requires adherence to scripts and storylines.

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  • Why did Matt Riddle leave WWE?
    • While the exact reasons are not confirmed, backstage heat and disagreements with management are believed to be significant factors.
  • What did Riddle say about Randy Orton?
    • Riddle went off-script during a WWE TV interview to praise Randy Orton, discussing the pain Orton was experiencing during their partnership.
  • Has Randy Orton left WWE?
    • Randy Orton has been off WWE TV since May 2022 due to a back injury but is rumoured to be preparing for a return.
  • How do wrestlers balance authenticity with scripted content?
    • It’s a challenge many wrestlers face, and while genuine moments are appreciated by fans, the industry demands adherence to predetermined scripts.
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