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RELEASED WWE Superstar confirms partner is PREGNANT

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Former WWE superstar Matt Riddle has confirmed that he and his girlfriend, Misha Montana, are expecting a child. The news comes as a surprise for fans who have been following Riddle’s journey both inside and outside the ring.

A New Chapter for Matt Riddle outside of WWE

While the future of Matt Riddle’s professional wrestling career remains uncertain following his recent release from WWE, it’s evident that his personal life is set to change dramatically.

The couple’s announcement was made with a photo shared on social media. The image showcased the duo donning matching Versace robes, holding a tiny onesie with the word “BRO” emblazoned on it.

The Wrestling World Reacts

Riddle’s fans has been quick to shower the couple with well wishes and congratulations. The anticipation surrounding the birth of their ‘baby bro’ is palpable, even though the couple has chosen to keep the due date under wraps for now.

Riddle’s Recent WWE Departure

Matt Riddle’s exit from WWE on September 22 came as a shock to many. His release was part of a series of talent cuts made by the company.

Despite the challenges and controversies that marked his tenure with WWE, Riddle remains a prominent figure in the wrestling world.

Interestingly, he has recently filed a trademark application for his popular “King of Bros” nickname, indicating that he might have plans to continue using it in his future endeavours.


  • Who is Matt Riddle?
    • Matt Riddle is a former WWE superstar known for his unique style and charisma both in and out of the ring.
  • Who is Misha Montana?
    • Misha Montana is Matt Riddle’s girlfriend. The couple recently announced that they are expecting a baby boy.
  • How did the couple announce the pregnancy?
    • The couple shared a heartwarming photo on social media where they were seen wearing matching Versace robes and holding a onesie with “BRO” written on it.
  • When was Matt Riddle released from WWE?
    • Matt Riddle was released from WWE on September 22.
  • What is the “King of Bros” nickname?
    • “King of Bros” is a popular nickname associated with Matt Riddle. He has recently filed a trademark application for it.

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