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Matt Riddle reveals SERIOUS family medical issues

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Matt Riddle, the former WWE Superstar, has opened up about a series of serious medical challenges that have recently beset his family, including himself.

This revelation comes in the wake of Riddle’s departure from WWE and his subsequent signing with Major League Wrestling (MLW).

Matt Riddle: Family Medical Ordeal

Riddle, who has been a prominent figure in the wrestling world, took to Instagram to share the health struggles that his family has endured.

He detailed a period marked by illness for both himself and his fiancée, Misha Montana, alongside emergency surgeries for his child and Montana: “If you haven’t heard from me, I was pretty sick [and] my girl was pretty sick. My child had an appendix issue and had to get emergency surgery and then, my girlfriend had an issue that needed to get emergency surgery as well” he revealed.

This series of events unfolded amidst the joyous occasion of welcoming their fourth child, Matthew, into the world.

Matt Riddle: A Time of Personal Challenges

The wrestler’s disclosure paints a picture of a tumultuous time, where he juggled personal health crises with professional commitments.

Riddle’s situation underscores the often unseen personal battles that public figures face, reminding fans and followers of the human aspect behind the celebrity facade.

Career Shifts Amidst Health Struggles

Riddle’s health revelations come at a time of significant career transitions. Following his release from WWE in September 2023, he announced his engagement with MLW, with MLW’s Court Bauer expressing enthusiasm about Riddle’s participation in upcoming shows.

Additionally, Riddle has expressed interest in joining New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) in 2024, a move that is eagerly anticipated by wrestling enthusiasts.


  • What medical issues did Matt Riddle and his family face?
    • Riddle and his fiancée were both ill, his child underwent emergency surgery for an appendix issue, and his fiancée also required emergency surgery.
  • How has Riddle’s professional life been affected?
    • Despite these challenges, Riddle has continued his wrestling career, recently signing with MLW and expressing interest in NJPW.
  • What does Riddle’s situation tell us about the life of a professional wrestler?
    • It highlights the resilience and strength required to balance personal struggles with the demands of a public career.
  • What is the wrestling community’s response to Riddle’s revelations?
    • The community has shown support and admiration for his courage and dedication.
  • What are Riddle’s future plans in wrestling?
    • He plans to participate in MLW shows and has expressed a desire to join NJPW in 2024.
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