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Matt Riddle makes MAJOR claim about Seth Rollins feud

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In an intriguing revelation, Matt Riddle has disclosed that he was the mastermind behind one of the most controversial lines delivered by Seth Rollins during their infamous WWE feud.

This feud, marked by its intensity and personal jabs, reached a peak during an interview segment where Rollins shockingly brought up Riddle’s divorce and strained relationship with his children.

WWE News: The Infamous Promo Segment

The promo in question unfolded in August 2022, ahead of their WWE Clash At The Castle bout. It was during this segment that Rollins made a cutting remark about Riddle’s personal life, stating that Riddle no longer had a family following his divorce, as his children didn’t want to see him.

This line, which came amid swirling rumours about Riddle’s family situation, left fans wondering if Rollins had overstepped a boundary.

However, in a recent appearance with Signed By Superstars, Riddle shed light on this matter. Contrary to what many believed, Riddle himself had fed this line to Rollins.

“Not only was [the promo] scripted, I told Seth to say it,” Riddle disclosed, adding a new layer to the already complex narrative of their rivalry.

WWE News: Behind the Scenes of the Rivalry

This revelation is particularly intriguing given the history of genuine tension between Riddle and Rollins. At one point, Rollins had expressed a clear reluctance to wrestle Riddle, stemming from personal issues.

These issues included derogatory comments made by Riddle’s ex-wife about Rollins’ wife, WWE superstar Becky Lynch.

Despite these challenges, Riddle and Rollins managed to reconcile their differences. Riddle mentioned that he apologised to Rollins for their past disagreements, paving the way for a professional working relationship.

Riddle’s Career Trajectory

After joining WWE in 2018, Riddle’s journey was marked by several controversies, leading to his release in September 2023.

Notably, an altercation involving law enforcement at JFK International Airport occurred shortly before his departure from WWE.

Riddle has since been making appearances in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Major League Wrestling, continuing his career in the wrestling world.


  • What was the controversial line said by Seth Rollins? Rollins commented on Riddle’s divorce, stating that Riddle’s children no longer wanted to see him.
  • Did Matt Riddle approve of this line? Yes, Riddle himself suggested Rollins use this line during their promo.
  • Was there real-life tension between Riddle and Rollins? Yes, there were genuine issues between them, including comments made by Riddle’s ex-wife about Rollins’ wife.
  • What happened to Riddle’s career in WWE? Riddle was released from WWE in September following several controversies, including an altercation at JFK Airport.
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