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Matt Riddle: Video LEAKED of airport incident ahead of his WWE RELEASE

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Matt Riddle, the former WWE superstar, has recently been in the spotlight, not for his wrestling prowess, but for an incident that took place at JFK International Airport.

A video has surfaced, shedding light on the events that transpired ahead of his unexpected (?) release from WWE.

The video, which has been circulating online, captures moments from the incident at JFK airport involving Matt Riddle.

This footage came to light after Riddle made claims on a now-deleted Instagram post dated September 10th. In his post, Riddle alleged that he was sexually assaulted by a Port Authority police officer at the airport.

Matt Riddle Airport Incident: The Aftermath and Investigation

Following Riddle’s allegations, the Port Authority Police Department initiated an investigation. Media outlet TMZ reported that the police received a call about a ‘disorderly person’ deplaning, and Riddle was identified as this individual.

The video footage from the incident, which took place on September 9th, was shared by TMZ, providing a clearer picture of the events leading up to Riddle’s claims.

Riddle’s Departure from WWE

The incident and its subsequent media coverage might have played a role in Riddle’s departure from WWE. He was among several stars who were let go during WWE’s September round of releases.

Riddle confirmed his release from the company on September 22nd. There have been whispers within the wrestling community, with sources from Fightful suggesting that a WWE official commented on Riddle having “burned through too many chances” during his tenure with the company.

The Wrestling World Reacts

The wrestling community has been abuzz with discussions about Riddle’s departure and the airport incident.

Several promotions have shown interest in Riddle post his WWE exit. The video footage of the incident, shared by TMZ, has been widely discussed on social media platforms, with fans and fellow wrestlers weighing in on the situation.


  • What happened to Matt Riddle at JFK airport?
    • A video has emerged showing an incident involving Matt Riddle at JFK airport. Riddle claimed he was sexually assaulted by a Port Authority police officer.
  • Why was Matt Riddle released from WWE?
    • Riddle was among several stars released during WWE’s September cuts. While the exact reason remains unclear, there are speculations that the airport incident might have influenced the decision.
  • Where can I watch the video of the incident?
    • TMZ has shared the video footage of the incident on their website and social media channels.
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