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HORRENDOUS WWE plans for Matt Riddle before his RELEASE revealed

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, plans change at the drop of a hat. The recent release of Matt Riddle from WWE has left fans and insiders alike buzzing about the potential storylines that were left on the drawing board.

Delving into the details, it’s clear that WWE had grand plans for Riddle, which unfortunately (?) never saw the light of day.

Matt Riddle’s departure from WWE was nothing short of shocking. As one of the company’s more prominent figures in recent times, his sudden release raised eyebrows across the wrestling community.

This unexpected decision came on the heels of an incident involving Riddle at JFK airport, leading to an investigation into his claims. Sources within WWE suggest that Riddle’s release was due to him exhausting too many chances during his tenure.

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Matt Riddle: The McRiddle Tag Team

Before his release, Riddle was actively involved in a tag team with Drew McIntyre on WWE RAW. This duo was embroiled in a feud with the likes of the New Day and Viking Raiders.

While many speculated that the partnership between Riddle and Drew was a precursor to an eventual heel turn for Drew, it appears that wasn’t necessarily the case.

WWE insiders, including the reputable WrestleVotes, revealed that the company had ‘significant plans’ for the tag team, starting with the name: McRiddle.

So much so, that merchandise items bearing the team’s name were already in the design phase. The name “McRiddle” was not just a passing thought; it was a serious venture that WWE had invested in.

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The Unfulfilled Potential

With McIntyre currently undergoing a slow-burn heel turn on Raw, especially after Jey Uso’s arrival on the brand, one can only wonder how the McRiddle storyline would have played out.

The wrestling world is no stranger to ‘what could have been’ scenarios and the McRiddle tag team is now added to that ever-growing list.

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  • Why was Matt Riddle released from WWE?
    • Riddle’s release followed an incident at JFK airport, which led to an investigation. Insiders suggest he had been given multiple chances and had exhausted them.
  • Who was Matt Riddle’s tag team partner before his release?
    • Matt Riddle was part of a tag team with Drew McIntyre, known as McRiddle.
  • Were there any significant plans for the McRiddle tag team?
    • Yes, WWE had significant plans for the McRiddle tag team, even going as far as designing merchandise items with their team name.
  • Is the McRiddle name a joke?
    • No, the name “McRiddle” was a serious venture that WWE had invested in for the tag team of Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre.

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