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Former WWE Superstar has serious allegations levied against him

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In a shocking turn of events, former WWE Superstar Matt Striker finds himself at the centre of serious allegations. A fan, identified as Kelsey, has come forward with claims of inappropriate behaviour by Striker at an independent wrestling show.

According to Kelsey on X (formerly Twitter), Striker attempted to put his hand down her pants, an action she did not consent to.

This revelation has sent ripples through the wrestling community, raising questions about the conduct of the once-celebrated wrestler.

Matt Striker Former WWE Superstar: Allegations from a Wrestling Fan

Kelsey’s account paints a disturbing picture of Striker’s behaviour. She alleges that during an indie wrestling event, Striker, leveraging his acquaintance with one of her friends, tried to initiate unwelcome physical contact.

This incident, previously unknown to the public, has now cast a shadow over Striker’s reputation.

Corroborating Claims

Adding to the gravity of the situation, another fan, who is also an independent pro wrestler, corroborated Kelsey’s story. This individual went further, alleging that Striker’s inappropriate actions extended to current AEW talent Willow Nightingale.

According to this account, Nightingale appeared visibly uncomfortable due to Striker’s behaviour. These allegations suggest a pattern of conduct that has only recently come to light.

Former WWE Superstar Striker’s Silence

As of now, Matt Striker has not publicly addressed these allegations. The wrestling community awaits his response, as these claims could have significant implications for his career and legacy.

The silence from Striker’s camp adds to the growing speculation and concern among fans and peers alike.


  • Who is Matt Striker?
    • Matt Striker is a former WWE Superstar known for his wrestling and commentary roles.
  • What are the allegations against Matt Striker?
    • Striker is accused of attempting to initiate unwelcome physical contact with a fan and making AEW talent Willow Nightingale uncomfortable through his actions.
  • Has Matt Striker responded to the allegations?
    • As of now, Striker has not publicly addressed the allegations.
  • What impact do these allegations have?
    • These allegations raise serious concerns about conduct within the wrestling community and highlight the need for a respectful and safe environment.
  • Are there any witnesses or corroborations?
    • Yes, another fan, who is an independent pro wrestler, has corroborated the allegations, adding credibility to the claims.
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