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Maxxine Dupri: Hollywood star loves her WWE RAW storyline with Alpha Academy

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Maxxine Dupri has been making waves in the world of wrestling, particularly with her engaging storyline with the Alpha Academy.

This narrative has not only captivated audiences but also garnered the admiration of industry insiders, including former WWE writer and Hollywood star Freddie Prinze Jr.

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Dupri’s Journey with Alpha Academy

Dupri’s journey with the Alpha Academy began when she attempted to persuade Otis, a member of the Academy, to join the Maximum Male Models.

However, the tables turned, and Dupri found herself aligning with Otis and Chad Gable, another member of the Alpha Academy, in their ongoing feud with the Viking Raiders.

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The Power of Commitment

Dupri’s commitment to her role has been a significant factor in her success. Each week, she learns a new wrestling move from Chad Gable, which she then has to execute against a formidable opponent.

This commitment to learning and improving has not only enhanced her performance but also endeared her to fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Freddie Prinze Jr., in his podcast Wrestling with Freddie, praised Dupri’s dedication to her role. He acknowledged the absurdity of the storyline but emphasised that Dupri’s commitment to it has made him a fan of both her and the Alpha Academy.

“The star of this show right now is Maxxine Dupri. What she’s committed to is completely ridiculous storyline-wise. She’s learning to wrestle from Chad Gable. Each week he’s teaching her a new move and each week she has to do it for real against a psychotic Viking woman who wants to kill her. It would be very hard to sell this idea to an executive who would be sceptical and cynical of my taste, so I’m not saying the story is good. But her commitment to the story has made me love her and the Alpha Academy very, very much.”

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The Next Big Match

In the upcoming episode of WWE RAW, Dupri will team up with the Alpha Academy to face the Viking Experience.

This match is highly anticipated, given Dupri’s growing popularity and the escalating tension between the two factions.

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