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Maxxine Dupri talks wrestling training ahead of debut

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In the wrestling world, rising star Maxxine Dupri is making waves. Having joined the WWE main roster in July 2022 as part of Maximum Male Models, Maxxine has demonstrated her dynamism by aligning with the Alpha Academy’‹’‹.

Alpha Academy: A Proving Ground for Maxxine Dupri

Dupri was introduced to the WWE audience alongside Max Dupri, and later she would set her sights on wrestler Otis and potentially bringing him into MMM.

As her journey progressed, she parted ways with Maximum Male Models and found a new home with Alpha Academy, where she trains under the tutelage of former Olympian Chad Gable and Otis himself.

The influence of these seasoned professionals has been evident in Dupri’s recent performances, including a decent arm drag she executed on the June 12th episode of WWE RAW.

Harnessing Technical Wrestling: The Key to Dupri’s Future Dominance

In an interview on WWE After The Bell, Dupri shed light on what she’s learned from her mentors at the Alpha Academy.

She emphasized her newfound understanding of technical wrestling, a skill she believes will make her a formidable force in the ring. As she stated, “this is giving me a really cool inside look into technical wrestling, and I think it’s, in the long run, going to make me so dangerous in the ring.”’‹

In addition to mastering technical wrestling moves, Dupri is also learning the nuances of the wrestling business.

From delivering promos to observing how her mentors handle situations and plan strategies, she is absorbing every aspect of the wrestling world to ensure her readiness when her time comes’‹.

Looking Ahead: Dupri’s Anticipation for the Women’s Division

While eager to continue her current journey, Dupri is already looking forward to the next phase of her career. She expressed excitement about the opportunity to compete in the WWE women’s division and work with some of the best talents in the world:

“I am really excited for when the time comes for me to really enter the women’s division. I think it’s gonna be really fun and exciting to work with some of the most talented people in the world,” she said’‹.

However, she also expressed her contentment with her current storyline and her desire to wrestle more, reflecting her dedication and love for the sport’‹.

As Dupri continues her training with the Alpha Academy, one thing is certain: her future in the WWE looks bright and dangerous.

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