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Maxxine Dupri reveals WHY she decided to apply for WWE tryout

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Maxxine Dupri, a rising star in the world of professional wrestling during a recent episode of the “Lightweights Podcast,” shared her unique journey into the WWE universe.

Her story is not just about athleticism and entertainment; it’s a tale of passion, dreams, and the pursuit of an unusual life goal.

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Maxxine Dupri: Inspired by ‘Total Divas’

Dupri’s interest in WWE was sparked during her high school years, thanks to the popular reality show “Total Divas,” which aired on E!.

She recalls being captivated by the show, admiring the wrestlers for their athleticism, style, and the coolness they exuded.

“These girls are so cool, they’re so athletic, they have the coolest style,” Dupri reminisced about the show, which played a pivotal role in shaping her aspirations.

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The Journey to WWE

The path to WWE was not straightforward for Dupri. After applying online and not hearing back, she reached out to her modelling agency, expressing her unusual but fervent desire to be part of WWE.

Her determination paid off when, just two weeks later, she received an invitation to the SummerSlam tryout in Las Vegas.

This opportunity marked the beginning of her journey into the world of professional wrestling, a dream that she had harboured since her teenage years.

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  • What inspired Maxxine Dupri to pursue a career in WWE?
    • Dupri was inspired by the reality show “Total Divas,” which she watched during her high school years.
  • How did Maxxine Dupri get her break in WWE?
    • After applying online and contacting her modelling agency about her interest in WWE, Dupri was invited to the SummerSlam tryout in Las Vegas.
  • What did Maxxine Dupri admire about the wrestlers on ‘Total Divas’?
    • She admired their athleticism, style, and the cool persona they portrayed on the show.
  • Is Maxxine Dupri’s background in wrestling or another field?
    • Prior to joining WWE, Dupri was involved in modelling, indicating a diverse background before entering professional wrestling.
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