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Former WWE Superstar reveals they received death threats because of who they were dating

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to controversies and personal stories that capture the attention of fans and the media alike. One such revelation comes from former WWE Divas Champion, Melina, who recently opened up about the harrowing experiences she faced while dating fellow WWE superstar, John Morrison.

Melina, during her appearance on the Wrestling Shoot Interviews podcast, shed light on the severe backlash she faced during her relationship with John Morrison.

She candidly expressed, “I think the only times things have gotten cr*zy is when I dated John. I got a lot of death threats all the time. People wanted to kill me, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. what if this is how I die? Just because I’m dating you? Dude.’ And he’s like, ‘Nothing’s going to happen to you.’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know, a lot of these people are really serious. Oh my goodness, this is ins*ne.’”

A Supportive WWE Fanbase

Despite the threats and challenges, Melina also highlighted the positive side of her fanbase. She feels fortunate to have fans who are “sweet, nice, and cool.”

This support undoubtedly played a significant role in helping her navigate through the tough times of her WWE career back in the mid-2000s.


  • Who is Melina?
    • Melina is a former WWE Divas Champion best known for her time with WWE under the ring name Melina.
  • Who was Melina dating that led to the death threats?
    • Melina was dating fellow WWE superstar, John Morrison.
  • Where did Melina reveal this information?
    • Melina shared her experiences on the “Wrestling Shoot Interviews” podcast.
  • How did Melina describe her fanbase?
    • Melina described her fanbase as “sweet, nice, and cool.”
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