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Member of Roman Reigns family set to become a FREE AGENT soon

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The wrestling universe is abuzz with whispers and speculations. The Anoa’i Family, of related to Roman Reigns and a name synonymous with wrestling royalty, is once again in the limelight. Not for their in-ring prowess this time, but for a potential seismic shift in the wrestling landscape.

The Anoa’i Family’s influence in the wrestling world is undeniable. Their legacy, spanning generations, has seen them dominate the industry in various capacities.

Roman Reigns, the current face of WWE and the self-proclaimed ‘Head of the Table’, is a testament to this legacy. However, the latest news isn’t about Roman, but about another member of this illustrious family.

Lance Anoa’i: The Next Free Agent set to join Roman Reigns in WWE?

Lance Anoa’i, a scion of the Anoa’i dynasty, has reportedly requested his release from Major League Wrestling (MLW), according to a new report from Fightful Select.

Lance’s association with MLW has been significant, but recent events suggest a possible departure. Notably, Lance has been off the MLW television radar for some time. His last bout under the MLW banner was in July, and there’s no word on any forthcoming engagements with the promotion.

Furthermore, Lance’s name was conspicuously missing from MLW’s recent online roster updates. This, coupled with his absence from recent MLW events, has fuelled speculations about his imminent exit.

Behind the Curtains at MLW

Sources indicate that there were certain disagreements between Lance and MLW earlier this year. While efforts were made to resolve these issues, it seems Lance is keen on parting ways with the company.

It’s not just Lance who’s eyeing an exit. Alex Hammerstone, another prominent wrestler, has also expressed his desire to leave MLW.

With such significant talents potentially on the move, the free agency market could soon witness a major shakeup.

What Lies Ahead for Lance?

The million-dollar question on everyone’s lips is: Where will Lance go next? With the ‘Bloodline’ storyline still a major draw in WWE, and Roman Reigns at the helm, could we see Lance joining his cousin in the biggest wrestling promotion in the world? Only time will tell.


  • Who is Lance Anoa’i?
    • Lance Anoa’i is a member of the renowned Anoa’i wrestling family. He has been associated with Major League Wrestling (MLW) but has recently requested his release.
  • Why is Lance Anoa’i’s potential free agency significant?
    • Given his lineage and the legacy of the Anoa’i family in the wrestling world, Lance’s next move could have significant implications for the industry.
  • Is Roman Reigns related to Lance Anoa’i?
    • Yes, Roman Reigns and Lance Anoa’i are cousins and both belong to the illustrious Anoa’i wrestling family.
  • Has Lance Anoa’i officially left MLW?
    • As of now, Lance has requested his release from MLW. It remains to be seen if and when this request will be granted.
  • Could Lance Anoa’i join WWE?
    • While there’s no official word, given the family ties and the prominence of the ‘Bloodline’ storyline in WWE, it’s a possibility that fans are eagerly speculating about.
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