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Mercedes Mone TRAINING with TOP WWE Champion

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In an intriguing development that has caught the attention of wrestling fans worldwide, Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, has been spotted honing her skills with none other than the current WWE Women’s Champion, IYO Sky.

This session took place at the renowned Flatback Wrestling School, signalling Mone’s serious intent as she prepares for a much-anticipated return to the ring following her ankle injury.

WWE News: A Glimpse into the Training Session

Mercedes Mone’s social media was abuzz with activity as she shared a series of stories showcasing her rigorous training regimen with IYO Sky.

The visuals from the session depicted both athletes engaged in a competitive spar, followed by a friendly selfie, marking the culmination of what appeared to be a productive training day.

This collaboration between Mone and Sky is particularly noteworthy, given Mone’s storied history and her status as a former WWE Women’s Champion.

WWE News: The Journey of Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone’s wrestling career has been nothing short of remarkable. Her tenure in WWE saw her achieving significant milestones and fan acclaim, culminating in her becoming a pivotal figure in the women’s division.

However, her departure from WWE in May 2022 and subsequent appearance in NJPW in January 2023 marked a new chapter in her career.

Despite a setback due to an ankle injury in May 2023, Mone’s determination to return to the top of the wrestling world remains undiminished.

Speculations on Mone’s Future

The wrestling community is rife with speculation regarding Mercedes Mone’s next move. With all major promotions keen on signing the formidable athlete, her recent training session with a WWE champion has added an intriguing twist to the narrative.

While there have been reports suggesting Tony Khan’s AEW as a potential destination for Mone, her current association with a WWE star raises questions about a possible return to WWE.


  • Who is Mercedes Mone?
    • Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks, is a professional wrestler known for her time in WWE and NJPW.
  • What is the significance of her training with IYO Sky?
    • Training with the current WWE Women’s Champion, IYO Sky, indicates Mone’s preparation for a high-level return to wrestling, possibly hinting at future collaborations or rivalries.
  • Has Mercedes Mone signed with AEW?
    • While there have been reports linking Mone to AEW, her recent training with a WWE champion has sparked speculation about her wrestling future, including a potential return to WWE.
  • What led to Mercedes Mone’s departure from WWE?
    • Mercedes Mone, known as Sasha Banks in WWE, left the company in May 2022. The reasons for her departure have been subject to speculation, but it marked a significant turning point in her career.
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