Mick Foley confirms that he is starting a new podcast

Mick Foley Podcast

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has revealed that he will be starting a new podcast in the near future, named ‘Foley is Pod.’

Foley confirmed the news on Twitter, writing: “FOLEY IS POD Coming soon.”

There is currently no indication as to who Mick Foley will be doing the podcast with. There is of course a bunch of major pro wrestling podcasts, with several different companies and brands putting them together.

AdFreeShows, which has the likes of 83 Weeks, Something To Wrestling w/Bruce Prichard and What Happened When could certainly be a destination for the Hardcore Legend.

Mick Foley Podcast

Other independent podcasting brands could also be getting the services of Foley, but it is likely we will find out where he is landing in the coming weeks.

With the WWE Hall of Famer having such an incredible career, there will no doubt be a ton of fantastic stories for fans to get to hear fleshed out on the podcast itself.

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