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Does Mick Foley have heat with WWE

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Mick Foley was one of the glaring omissions from the list of legends at Raw 30th-anniversary show. It made people question if the Hall of Famer has heat with the company. According to the WWE legend himself however, everything is fine.

During a recent live stream (H/t the Hardcore Legend commented on his relationship with the company. He claimed that to the best of his knowledge everything is going really well:

‘I will say I have had some heat over the years. Maybe if you polled everyone in WWE, maybe I have heat with someone that I’m not aware of. But to the best of my knowledge, everything is going really well.”

Mick Foley needed time with family

Mick Foley mentioned that he has been working with the company on Most Wanted Treasures. The show constantly keeps him on the road to catch up with different talent. He explained that there wasn’t enough screen time for everyone at RAW. So he chose to be with his family instead of traveling eight hours for a cameo:

“The decision I made is you put a lot of value on that time at home, especially when you’re in like a four or five month block where you haven’t been home very much. I just felt like I needed those two days with my family more than the show needed me.’

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Martin MacDonald