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Mick Foley reveals the five worst injuries of his career

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WWE Hall of Famer and hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley recently revealed the five worst injuries of his career.

Speaking in a newly released YouTube video, the former WWE Champion listed out some of the horrific injuries that he has sustained over his illustrious career.

“Well, the most grisly would be the right ear that you can see it doesn’t look like the left ear. Lost that bad boy in Munich, Germany 20 years ago,” Foley began. 

“I never had developed cauliflower ear when I lost it, but that’s probably the number one injury. [The most painful injury] was a torn abdominal muscle. I was ashamed when I found out I hadn’t broken my pelvis because that’s what it felt like to me” Foley noted.

“So I did not know at the time that torn abdominal muscles ruin careers for football or hockey, because you lose the ability to explode, you know from the midsection. Now luckily, in wrestling, we can work around injuries” the Hardcore icon noted.

Mick Foley Injuries

“My hip. I’d been told early on that, but by virtue of the fact that I was diving off ring aprons onto the concrete, that I was going to pay a price and I’ll be honest had I known it going to be that severe ’” from probably 2004 through 2017. It was really, it was a pretty difficult existence” Foley continued.

Here are the five injuries overall:

  • Losing His Ear
  • Torn Abdominal Muscle
  • Right Hip
  • His Knee
  • Nearly Losing Both Pinkies

You can check out the full video below:

YouTube video
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