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Mick Foley wishes he could return for GCW Match

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WWE Hall of Famer and Hardcore legend Mick Foley recently spoke to Metro. The former WWE Champion discussed several topics during the interview, including the GCW Fight Club event that he attended and commentated on the main event between Nick Gage and Jon Moxley.

‘It was a really great experience with me because the people there, they feel like that promotion is there for them” Mick Foley began.

“And that’s part of the secret. There’s all different types of wrestling out there for all different types of fans, and then you find a product that caters to fans who really take their wrestling seriously ’“ I tell you, GCW’s a great show!

Mick Foley on GCW

“Mox versus Gage is gonna get the lion’s share of the attention, but the rest of the card was solid to spectacular! There were a lot of risks being taken, but no one was going the deathmatch route until the very end.”

Foley would also reveal that he would love to bring back Cactus Jack for a contest with Matt Cardona in the company, but unfortunately, it just isn’t possible due to his age and health issues.

‘Oh, can you imagine the heat that Cardona would have if Cactus Jack came back for one last match? I can’t do it ’“ I’m just saying, imagine! That’d be great.’

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