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Mickie James clarifies comments about Alexa Bliss

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Former WWE Superstar and the Producer of the upcoming NWA EMPOWERRR show Mickie James recently tweeted her reaction to the WWE release of Bray Wyatt.

WWE posted their usual ‘future endeavours’ tweet regarding the now-former Superstar, and Mickie James lambasted the company for not utilizing Bray Wyatt ‘correctly’ during his time with the company.

‘I think what you meant to say was: ’˜Thank you so much for coming up with such an incredible gimmick (time & time again) one so cool & over, we really didn’t know how to book it right,’ Mickies James began.

‘So we just gave it to someone else so we can still make ALL the money off of it & let you go’ the former TNA Knockouts Champion finished.

When fans began to put two and two together, they realized that the ‘someone else’ was Mickie’s former colleague in WWE, Alexa Bliss.

Mickie James on Alexa Bliss

James would again go to Twitter to clarify that her comments were not a dig at the former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion but at the company itself.

‘This isn’t against Alexa. I love her,’ James wrote. ‘She’s an incredible performer who is killing it in a role she was given. She always does.”

“We as artists take every role we’re given & turn it into gold. He, she, they both did that. Like it/not. Facts are facts. So sorry if that offends you’ Mickie James concluded.

James will be back in action at the NWA 73 PPV event, which takes place on the same weekend as her NWA EMPOWERRR all-women’s PPV show.

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