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Former WWE Champion is now a FREE AGENT

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In a surprising turn of events, the wrestling world is abuzz with the news that Mickie James, a renowned former WWE star and IMPACT Knockouts World Champion, has become a free agent, or at least she has been for some time.

This development comes after her notable absence from television following a defeat at IMPACT Bound For Glory 2023.

Mickie James: Journey in Wrestling from WWE to IMPACT

Mickie James, a celebrated figure in women’s wrestling, has had a storied career. Her journey in the wrestling world has been marked by significant achievements, including capturing the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship twice.

James’ “Last Rodeo” run was particularly memorable, showcasing her enduring talent and appeal in the wrestling arena.

The Free Agent Status

Interestingly, James has been technically a free agent throughout her latest stint with IMPACT Wrestling.

Since her return to the promotion in 2021, she has been working without a contract. This revelation was confirmed by Sean Ross Sapp of in response to a fan’s observation about James being removed from the IMPACT roster page.

Speculations on Mickie James and her Future (with WWE?)

The wrestling community is now rife with speculation about Mickie James’ next move. Will she make a return to WWE, where she has previously achieved considerable success? Or will she explore new horizons with another promotion?

There’s also the possibility of her returning to IMPACT when it rebrands as TNA in 2024. Whatever her decision, it is sure to have a significant impact on the wrestling world.


  • What is Mickie James known for in wrestling?
    • Mickie James is renowned for her time in WWE and IMPACT Wrestling, where she won multiple championships.
  • Why is Mickie James a free agent?
    • Mickie James has been a free agent technically since her return to IMPACT Wrestling in 2021, working without a contract.
  • What are the potential implications of her free agent status?
    • Her status opens up possibilities for her to join different wrestling promotions or return to WWE or IMPACT.
  • Has Mickie James competed in WWE recently?
    • Yes, she made a return during the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match as the IMPACT Knockouts World Champion.
  • What is the significance of Mickie James in women’s wrestling?
    • Mickie James is considered a trailblazer in women’s wrestling, known for her skill and ability to engage audiences.
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