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HUGE AEW star stirs dating rumours with Liv Morgan

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In the world of professional wrestling, where the line between reality and entertainment often blurs, the recent sighting of AEW World Champion MJF with WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has set the wrestling community abuzz with speculation.

The duo was spotted together at a recent screening of “The Iron Claw,” a film in which MJF plays Lance Von Erich. This unexpected pairing has sparked rumours about a possible romantic connection between the two wrestling stars.

Liv Morgan and MJF: The Red Carpet Encounter

At the event, both MJF and Liv Morgan, whose real name is Gionna Jene Daddio, appeared in high spirits. CJ “Lana” Perry, another notable wrestling personality, was also present and commented on how good MJF and Morgan looked together in a video released on her Instagram.

In response, Liv Morgan remarked that she was there to support MJF, while the AEW champion playfully added, “I’m just here to start more dating rumours.”

MJF’s Rising Stardom

MJF, known for his charismatic persona and sharp wit in the wrestling world, has been making waves in AEW as the World Champion.

His role in “The Iron Claw” marks a significant step into the world of acting, showcasing his versatility beyond the wrestling ring.

His presence at the event, alongside a WWE superstar, has only heightened interest in his personal and professional life.

Liv Morgan: Her WWE Journey

Liv Morgan, a prominent figure in WWE, has had a remarkable journey in the wrestling industry. Since signing with WWE in 2014 and being assigned to the WWE Performance Center, she has become a fan favourite.

Her appearance at the film screening with MJF, outside the WWE realm, has added an intriguing twist to her already fascinating career.

The Rumour Mill in Overdrive

The playful banter between MJF and Liv Morgan, especially MJF’s comment about starting dating rumours, has fueled speculation among fans and media alike.

While it remains unclear whether there is any romantic involvement, the incident has certainly captured the imagination of the wrestling community.

Currently, it is believed that MJF is dating Alicia Atout, so he is likely trolling fans and trying to get extra promotion for The Iron Claw film.


  • Who is MJF?
    • MJF, or Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is a professional wrestler currently signed with AEW, where he is the World Champion.
  • What is Liv Morgan’s real name?
    • Liv Morgan’s real name is Gionna Jene Daddio.
  • What event did MJF and Liv Morgan attend together?
    • They attended a screening of “The Iron Claw,” a film featuring MJF.
  • Is there any confirmation of a romantic relationship between MJF and Liv Morgan?
    • As of now, there is no confirmation of a romantic relationship; it remains a subject of speculation.
  • What makes this sighting significant?
    • The sighting is significant due to the crossover between two major wrestling promotions, AEW and WWE, and the rarity of such occurrences.
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