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WWE star REACTS to rumoured Jade Cargill alliance

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Montez Ford has commented on the potential of Jade Cargill joining their group.

The Street Profits have been a fan-favourite tag team since their debut in the company in 2016. They have won championships in all three brands of the company, becoming only the second triple crown tag team champions in the history of WWE.

Fans have gotten to see a new dimension of their characters recently. Joining the alliance with Bobby Lashley, the duo is looking beyond just the tag division now and as the faction, this new group is looking to take over WWE.

Montez Ford on potential Jade Cargill alliance

Many fans believe that Jade Cargill will fit right in this group and it will help her gain experience before going off on her own. Montez Ford was asked about the possibility during an interview with the New York Post, and he explained that their focus is on getting to a certain level:

“The motive and the mindset that myself, Dawkins and Bobby have now is going along a certain way to get to a certain spot, an opportunity or a certain goal or a certain championship. All these things are now focused in our mind, if that brings along people along the way who have the same motive, who have the same mindset and are trying to build each other up and succeed and win and go forward.”

Speaking about the potential alliance with the former AEW star, Ford claimed that he is open to joining forces with people of the same mindset:

“If that does bring other people along the way that have that great mindset, you kind of just have to see what happens. You have to be open to everything. I would just say you have to keep your options open and see what happens.”

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Martin MacDonald