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Natalya breaks character at WWE live event and deletes explanation tweet

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WWE Superstar Natalya recently broke character at a WWE Live Event shortly after she was defeated by Liv Morgan.

The Canadian Superstar got up straight away after she was pinned by the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and she looked extremely angry.

In a since deleted tweet, the former Women’s Champion revealed “I’m breaking character right now, but I actually said THANK YOU. If you must know.”

The situation looked incredibly awkward, and Nattie genuinely looked to be quite angry at something that Morgan had done.

YouTube video

Natalya vs Liv Morgan

Some speculated that Morgan had poked Nattie in the eye before she hit her finisher, but it is odd that an accidental eye poke would cause Natalya to go off like this.

Maybe it is part of an angle? We do know that it’s likely Ronda Rousey and Nattie will both be part of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match against Liv Morgan.

We’ll just have to wait and see. For now, check out the images and video below to see what happened during this bizzare incident:
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