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Natalya details her mental health issues following Owen Hart’s death

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WWE SmackDown Superstar Natalya recently discussed the mental health issues she suffered from following the death of Owen Hart.

Speaking on After The Bell With Corey Graves, the Canadian star revealed how difficult it was going through the situation following the WWE Over The Edge event in 1999.

“Well, for me, like, you know, my eating disorder started after my uncle passed away. It was a very tragic time for our family after my Uncle Owen passed away, I should clarify that, but after Owen passed away, our whole family just went through this really traumatic time” the Canadian star began.

Natalya on Mental Health issues

“For me, it was about gaining control. I was trying in some way in my life to gain control. That summer, I had lost 40 pounds in two months and it was really extreme. I went through this struggle for about three years” the Hart family member continued.

“I didn’t see any problem. I couldn’t see it. Now when I look back at photos and I look back and things, I’m like, ’˜Gosh, I can’t believe I lived that life. I can’t believe that was me.’

‘The thing that changed for me, the turning point for me, was wrestling. It was when I decided that I wanted to start wrestling that I realized that I couldn’t be that skinny. I was wearing kid’s clothes. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bump” Natalya concluded.

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