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Natalya set to potentially PRODUCE an Iron Claw-like film

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In a move that’s stirring excitement among wrestling fans and cinephiles alike, Natalya, a renowned figure in the WWE universe, is reportedly in discussions to help produce a film about the legendary Hart family, according to a new report from Fightful Select.

This project, if it comes to fruition, promises to offer an intimate glimpse into one of wrestling’s most storied dynasties.

Natalya, born Natalie Katherine Neidhart, is not just a celebrated wrestler but also a member of the illustrious Hart family.

Her potential involvement in this film project adds a layer of authenticity and personal insight, given her direct connection to the family’s legacy.

WWE News: A Collaboration with Yale Productions

The film, still in its early stages of discussion, is set to be a collaboration with Yale Productions. This production company has a track record of successful films like “The Kill Room,” “Becky,” and “Chick Fight.”

The involvement of Yale Productions suggests a commitment to quality and a promise of delivering a compelling narrative.

Actor Rory Culkin, a self-professed wrestling enthusiast, is also linked to the project. Culkin’s passion for wrestling and his acting prowess could add a unique dimension to the film.

WWE News: Natalya’s Personal Touch

Natalya’s recent social media post, where she shared a photo with Rory Culkin at Soho House and tagged Yale Productions, hints at the developmental phase of this exciting project.

Her caption, “Working on something near and dear to my heart. Funny how our worlds come together,” reflects her personal investment and enthusiasm for the film.

The Legacy of the Hart Family

The Hart family, with its deep roots in professional wrestling, has been a symbol of excellence and resilience in the sport. A film exploring their history and impact on wrestling could serve as a tribute to their legacy and an inspiration to fans worldwide.


  • Who is Natalya?
    • Natalya, real name Natalie Katherine Neidhart, is a professional wrestler and a member of the Hart family, currently signed with WWE.
  • What is the film about?
    • The film is reportedly about the history of the Hart family, a prominent name in professional wrestling.
  • Who is involved in the production?
    • Yale Productions is involved, known for films like “The Kill Room” and “Becky.” Actor Rory Culkin, a wrestling fan, is also linked to the project.
  • Why is this film significant?
    • The film is significant as it delves into the legacy of the Hart family, which has had a considerable impact on professional wrestling.
  • Is there a release date for the film?
    • As of now, there is no confirmed release date since the project is still in the discussion phase.
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