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Natalya wants a HUGE match in TNA Wrestling

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In an exciting development for wrestling enthusiasts, Natalya has expressed her eagerness to step into the ring against Jordynne Grace in a TNA Wrestling match.

This revelation comes in the wake of Jordynne Grace’s unexpected appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble, where she hinted at her interest in battling it out with Ivy Nile and Natalya in TNA.

WWE News: A Potential Dream Match in the Making

The possibility of Natalya and Jordynne Grace facing off has sent waves of anticipation through the wrestling community.

Natalya, having shared the ring with Grace during the Royal Rumble match, responded with enthusiasm to the idea on X/Twitter, stating, “I would jump at the chance to do this! Loved our chemistry in Rumble, I can feel your passion for this.”

This exchange has sparked conversations about the potential for an electrifying match between the two talented wrestlers.

WWE News: The Buzz Around Cross-Promotional Matches

The wrestling world is abuzz with the prospect of cross-promotional matches between WWE and TNA, a concept that has piqued the interest of fans.

While it remains to be seen whether such collaborations will materialise in the future, the mere possibility of a match between Natalya and Jordynne Grace has generated considerable excitement.

Fans are eagerly discussing the potential for this dream match, which could mark a memorable moment in professional wrestling history.

Wrestling Fans’ Anticipation

The wrestling community is alive with speculation and anticipation regarding the potential showdown between Natalya and Jordynne Grace.

This match promises to showcase the immense talent and passion of both wrestlers, offering fans a spectacle that could become a highlight of their wrestling experiences.


  • Who expressed interest in wrestling against each other?
    • Natalya and Jordynne Grace have both shown interest in wrestling against each other in TNA.
  • Where did Jordynne Grace express her interest in wrestling Natalya?
    • Jordynne Grace expressed her interest during an interview following her surprise appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble.
  • What has been the reaction to the potential match?
    • The potential match has generated excitement and anticipation among wrestling fans, with many eager to see the two talents face off.
  • Are cross-promotional matches between WWE and TNA common?
    • Cross-promotional matches between WWE and TNA are not common, making the potential match between Natalya and Jordynne Grace even more intriguing.
  • What makes a match between Natalya and Jordynne Grace so anticipated?
    • The chemistry and passion both wrestlers bring to the ring, coupled with their shared history in the Royal Rumble, make this potential match highly anticipated among fans.
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