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WWE Superstar names TNA Wrestling star as their DREAM match

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In a recent revelation that has stirred the wrestling community, WWE Superstar Natalya has expressed her desire for a dream match against a notable TNA Wrestling star.

Natalya, a seasoned veteran in the wrestling industry and a proud carrier of the Hart Family legacy, has been making waves with her performances and aspirations.

WWE News: Natalya’s Dream Opponent Revealed

The two-time WWE Women’s Champion has named Gail Kim, a highly respected figure in women’s wrestling, as her dream opponent.

This announcement came through Natalya’s Instagram story, where she shared her admiration for Kim while commenting on a post featuring Gail Kim and Natalya’s real-life husband, TJ Wilson (also known as Tyson Kidd).

Gail Kim’s Legacy and Impact

Gail Kim’s departure from WWE in the early 2010s was a significant moment, marked by her frustrations with the company’s handling of female talent.

She returned to TNA and has since played a crucial role in the promotion, particularly in the development of women’s wrestling.

Her impact predates the Women’s Revolution in WWE, which arguably revolutionised the industry for female wrestlers, at least in WWE’s eyes.

WWE News: The Possibility of a Dream Match

The prospect of a match between Natalya and Gail Kim is intriguing, especially considering the historical context. WWE and TNA have shown a willingness to collaborate, as seen in 2022 when TNA star Mickie James competed in the WWE Royal Rumble match.

This precedent raises the possibility of the “Forbidden Door” opening again for a blockbuster encounter between these two wrestling icons.


  • Who is Natalya’s dream match opponent?
    • Natalya has named Gail Kim, a TNA Wrestling star, as her dream opponent.
  • Why is Gail Kim a significant figure in women’s wrestling?
    • Gail Kim is known for her pioneering role in women’s wrestling, particularly during her time in TNA, and her impact predates the WWE Women’s Revolution.
  • Has there been a precedent for WWE and TNA collaboration?
    • Yes, in 2022, TNA star Mickie James competed in the WWE Royal Rumble match, indicating a willingness for collaboration between the two promotions.
  • What is the reaction of the wrestling community to this news?
    • The wrestling community is excited and anticipatory, discussing the potential of the match and its ability to meet high expectations.
  • What is the significance of this potential match?
    • A match between Natalya and Gail Kim would be a significant event, bringing together two highly respected veterans of women’s wrestling from different promotions.
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