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WWE SmackDown Superstar reveals wrestling ‘saved’ their life

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A top WWE SmackDown Superstar recently stated that pro wrestling ‘legitimately’ saved their life during an interview on their career.

Speaking on After the Bell with Corey Graves, WWE Superstar Natalya revealed just how important the industry has been for her.

“My eating disorder after my uncle passed away ’” it was a very tragic time for our family after our uncle, Owen [Hart], passed away,” Natalya began.

“After Owen passed away, like, our family just went through this really traumatic time, and for me, it was about like, gaining control.

“I was trying in some way in my life to gain control and so like, that summer, I had lost like 40 pounds in two months and it was really extreme. And I went through this struggle for about three years” she added.

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‘The turning point for me was wrestling. It was when I decided I wanted to start wrestling that I realized that I couldn’t be that skinny.

“Like, I was wearing kids’ clothes. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t bump. So I remember everything really hurt because I had no meat on me.

“I was just like, emaciated. So, I realized, ’˜I love this wrestling thing, I want to do this wrestling thing, I feel this, but I can’t do it if I’m anorexic. Like, I just can’t do it, my body can’t sustain it’. So it was like, wrestling was really what I feel like changed my life, changed my career, and kind of saved me” Natalya concluded.
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