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WWE NXT: Superstar almost ‘DECAPITATES HIMSELF’ during a match

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In a heart-stopping moment during a recent WWE NXT match, Nathan Frazer, known for his lightning-fast moves, found himself in a precarious situation that had fans on the edge of their seats.

During the episode of NXT aired on August 29, Frazer’s agility, which often leaves audiences in awe, almost became his undoing.

In a match against Joe Coffey, Frazer’s rapid movements led him to unintentionally entangle himself in the ring ropes.

The alarming moment saw him hit the top rope with his neck, leaving him momentarily trapped. Thankfully, the match continued without any visible signs of injury to Frazer.

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Nathan Frazer: Reaction to the Incident

Proving his resilience and determination, Frazer took to Twitter after the match to address the incident. His message was clear and defiant: “NEVER. SLOW. DOWN.”

This tweet not only showcased his indomitable spirit but also his commitment to the sport and his fans.

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The Outcome of the WWE NXT Match for Nathan Frazer

Despite his commendable spirit and determination, the night didn’t end in victory for Frazer. He was defeated by Joe Coffey in what was his first Global Heritage Invitational match in Group B.

The same night also saw Butch go head-to-head with Charlie Dempsey in another Global Heritage Invitational match, with Butch emerging victorious in Group A.

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The Resilience of WWE NXT Superstars

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks WWE superstars take every time they step into the ring. Their dedication to entertainment, combined with their physical prowess, often leads to high-octane matches that can sometimes have unforeseen consequences.

Frazer’s near-miss is a testament to the unpredictability of the sport and the ever-present dangers that lurk in the squared circle.

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