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New WWE owners reveal plan to use Vince McMahon’s ‘NOTORIETY’

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Vince McMahon has a new boss, and Ari Emanuel has a vision on how to use the ‘notoriety’ of the long-time WWE owner.

McMahon has been in the news recently after it was reported that he has been stopped from interfering with the WWE creative.

It’s been said that Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel wants people to stick to their job descriptions. As such, the Chief Creative Officer Triple H is now making all decisions regarding storylines and TV programming.

A lot of people have been wondering if this is the first sign of McMahon being pushed out of the company slowly after having given up his control. The latest reports, however, suggest otherwise.

Vince McMahon: No Micro Managing

Dave Meltzer wrote about the internal changes in WWE in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He claimed that Emanuel has a vision for using Vince McMahon:

“One person close to the situation said that Emanuel has a vision for how he can use the worldwide notoriety of Vince McMahon, and that vision doesn’t include him micro-managing the weekly television shows. This is all subject to change, and if there is a downturn in popularity, the idea of Vince being back in the spot isn’t inconceivable, but it’s not likely to happen now.”

The report also noted that most talent see McMahon being removed from creative as a positive change. Known for his last-minute changes, this will stop the former WWE owner from interfering with the long-term creative vision of the company.

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Martin MacDonald