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In a significant development for the world of professional wrestling, WWE has announced the addition of 14 new athletes to its ranks through the company’s Next In Line (NIL) developmental program.

This move marks a strategic effort by WWE to tap into the rich talent pool of college athletics, providing a unique pathway for these athletes to transition into the high-octane world of WWE NXT.

The NIL program is a groundbreaking initiative by WWE, aimed at identifying and nurturing collegiate talent for their future wrestling careers.

This year’s cohort includes a diverse group of athletes from various sports backgrounds, showcasing WWE’s commitment to broadening its talent base and bringing fresh faces into the wrestling arena.

WWE NIL Intake: A Diverse Roster of Talent

The new signings are a testament to WWE’s scouting prowess, bringing in talent from across different sports disciplines. Here’s a look at the fresh faces joining the WWE family:

  • Adam Berghorst: Hailing from Indiana State, this baseball star is set to bring his athletic prowess to the wrestling ring.
  • Bayley Humphrey: A standout in acrobatics from Baylor, Humphrey’s agility and performance skills are a perfect fit for WWE’s dynamic environment.
  • Darci Kahn: From Howard, this track and field athlete brings speed and endurance, essential qualities for a WWE superstar.
  • Desmond Coleman: Another track and field athlete, Coleman from Liberty, is all set to make his mark in WWE.
  • Grace Stephens: Representing Monmouth in track and field, Stephens’ athletic skills are poised to add a new dimension to WWE’s roster.
  • Jeremy Cody: A Miami track and field athlete, Cody’s athleticism will be a valuable asset in the wrestling world.
  • Josh Pearcy: From Rice, this football player is ready to tackle new challenges in the WWE arena.
  • Kali Terza: A track and field athlete from Kennesaw State, Terza’s competitive spirit will be a great addition to WWE.
  • Lucas Davison: Hailing from Michigan, this wrestler is already equipped with skills directly transferable to the WWE ring.
  • Momen Zahid: A football player from William & Mary, Zahid’s strength and strategy will serve him well in WWE.
  • Sirena Linton: An Arkansas gymnast, Linton’s flexibility and strength are key attributes for a WWE superstar.
  • Skyla Schulte: From Michigan State, this gymnast’s discipline and athleticism are perfect for WWE’s demanding environment.
  • Slane Glover: A cheerleader from Ohio State, Glover’s energy and charisma are ideal for the entertainment aspect of WWE.
  • Stephen Buchanan: Another wrestler from Oklahoma, Buchanan’s experience in wrestling makes him a promising addition to the WWE roster.

These athletes have collectively earned numerous accolades, including 2 National Championships, 7 Conference Championships, and 17 All-American honours, demonstrating their high level of skill and dedication in their respective sports.

The Impact of NIL on WWE’s Future

The NIL program is a strategic move by WWE to invest in the future of wrestling entertainment.

By bringing in athletes from diverse backgrounds, WWE is not only expanding its talent pool but also ensuring a continuous infusion of fresh talent and new styles into the wrestling world.

This approach is crucial for keeping the sport dynamic and engaging for its global fan base.


  • What is the WWE Next In Line program? The NIL program is WWE’s initiative to recruit and train college athletes for a future in professional wrestling.
  • How many athletes have been signed in this cohort? There are 14 new athletes signed under the NIL program.
  • Do these athletes come from a wrestling background? While some do have a wrestling background, others come from various sports like track and field, gymnastics, football, baseball, and acrobatics.
  • What does this mean for WWE’s future? These signings indicate WWE’s commitment to diversifying its talent pool and introducing new styles and perspectives into the wrestling world.
  • Are there any notable achievements among the new signings? Yes, the group collectively boasts 2 National Championships, 7 Conference Championships, and 17 All-American honors.
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