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New WWE Signings have been CONFIRMED

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The wrestling world is buzzing with excitement as new details have emerged about the latest signings to the WWE developmental roster.

The January 2024 cohort has brought in a fresh wave of talent, and fans are eagerly awaiting their debut in the squared circle.

Among the confirmed signings, Brogan Finlay stands out, not just for his skills but also for his lineage. He is the son of the legendary Fit Finlay and has already made a name for himself in the independent wrestling circuit.

Alongside Brogan, Lucky Ali and Jay Malachi have also been confirmed to join the WWE. Both have been active in the wrestling scene for about five years, with Malachi even making appearances at a few AEW shows earlier this year.

WWE: The Numbers Game

Dave Meltzer, a renowned wrestling journalist, has shed light on the total number of new signings. According to a new report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 11 new wrestlers have been hired to start in January in Orlando.

However, only three names, including Brogan, Ali, and Malachi, have been made public so far. This means there are still eight more names that the WWE has kept under wraps, heightening the anticipation among fans.

The Tryout Process

The journey to WWE is not an easy one. The recent tryouts took place at the WWE Performance Center in September 2023. These tryouts were specifically for experienced independent wrestlers.

However, WWE continues its tradition of scouting talent from various backgrounds, including elite college athletes with no prior wrestling experience.

Unfortunately, not everyone makes the cut. For instance, OVW’s Hollyhood Haley J couldn’t secure a spot due to medical reasons, reportedly related to her epilepsy.


  • Who are the confirmed new signings for WWE in January 2024?
    • Brogan Finlay, Lucky Ali, and Jay Malachi.
  • How many new wrestlers have been signed in total for January 2024?
    • 11 wrestlers have been signed, but only three names have been revealed so far.
  • Where did the tryouts take place?
    • The tryouts were held at the WWE Performance Center in September 2023.
  • Are all the new signings experienced wrestlers?
    • The recent tryouts were for experienced independent wrestlers, but WWE also scouts talent from various backgrounds, including athletes with no wrestling experience.
  • Did everyone who tried out get signed?
    • No, not everyone made the cut. For example, OVW’s Hollyhood Haley J couldn’t join due to medical reasons.
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