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New WWE SmackDown commentators CONFIRMED

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The landscape of WWE SmackDown‘s commentary team has undergone a significant reshuffle, marking a new era in the show’s broadcasting style.

This change comes as WWE continues to evolve, ensuring that its presentation remains as dynamic and engaging as the action in the ring.

WWE News: Michael Cole Returns to the Commentary Desk

In a surprising turn of events, Kevin Patrick, the former play-by-play commentator for SmackDown, has stepped down from his role.

This departure paves the way for the seasoned Michael Cole to make a comeback. Cole’s return, however, is reported to be a temporary arrangement as WWE is on the lookout for a new voice to take over the play-by-play duties on SmackDown shortly.

Corey Graves and Wade Barrett: The New Voices of SmackDown

During the recent Monday Night Raw broadcast, Pat McAfee assumed the role of colour commentator, a position he is set to hold permanently.

In addition to McAfee’s appointment, reports from PWInsider suggest that Wade Barrett will join forces with Corey Graves on the SmackDown commentary team.

Graves is expected to step up as the lead announcer, while Barrett will continue to bring his expertise as a colour commentator.

WWE News: The Impact of Commentary Changes on WWE

Commentary is a vital component of the wrestling experience, shaping the way fans perceive and engage with the matches and storylines.

These changes in the commentary team are poised to bring a fresh perspective and potentially alter the overall commentary quality and viewing experience for WWE fans.


  • Who has replaced Kevin Patrick as the play-by-play commentator on SmackDown?
    • Michael Cole has temporarily taken over, with plans for a new commentator in the near future.
  • Is Pat McAfee’s role as a colour commentator on SmackDown permanent?
    • Yes, Pat McAfee’s position as a colour commentator on SmackDown is intended to be a permanent change.
  • Who will be joining Corey Graves on the SmackDown commentary team?
    • Wade Barrett will be collaborating with Corey Graves on the SmackDown commentary team.
  • What role will Corey Graves play in the new commentary team?
    • Corey Graves is set to assume the position of the lead announcer.
  • How might these changes affect the WWE viewing experience?
    • The new commentary team is expected to bring a fresh dynamic to the show, potentially enhancing the overall viewing experience for fans.
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